Amp on NTS Kranky show

New material from forthcoming new album aired on the Kranky NTS live channel The tracklist is: Time and Tides Reverso 1 Groove Lentement Reverso 2 Drift Plastic Blues Sparkle No To the Night (Falls) On the NTS tracklist track 7 is mis labeled as by A.M.P. and the title is mistakenly listed as ‘Because… Continue reading Amp on NTS Kranky show

Amp playing an ambient set, London 20/11/2015

Amp are playing an ambient set, (just Richard and Donald) in support of the book launch of the ‘Idle Eye’ by Douglas John Thorp. Its at ‘Vout-O-Reenee’s’ gallery and Art club, London. Entry is free but please RSVP: by email to: or phone: 07803726277 the event is Friday 20th November 2015 6.30pm till late.… Continue reading Amp playing an ambient set, London 20/11/2015

Kinokophonography -Whitworth Art Gallery 08.10.15

If your in the Manchester (uk) area on Thursday 8th Octobercheck out Kinokophonography at the Whitworth art gallery..Richard Amp has a work of sound art (field recording) aired, as part of the evening. Its on from 6.30-8.00pm and its free! Richard’s work is entitled: ‘Lava field passing drone’ 

AMP STUDIO ~ Album Update

Richard is still working hard at the ‘Uncertainty Principles’ release… there is going to be a 2nd CD with the CD release now featuring fresh work, including a version of Richard’s recent Live gig…..  

Archive Amp Video posted!

Amp – Moon Tree Video We have finally managed to make available a film made by Ampart in 1992 featuring Amp’s ‘Moon Tree’ the track features Dave (from FSA) on feedback guitar. the film’s title is ‘The Distance’, in reference to the music project Dave and Richard had going between late 1990 and early 1992.