Amp on NTS Kranky show

New material from forthcoming new album aired on the Kranky NTS live channel

The tracklist is:

  1. Time and Tides
  2. Reverso 1
  3. Groove Lentement
  4. Reverso 2
  5. Drift Plastic Blues
  6. Sparkle No
  7. To the Night (Falls)

On the NTS tracklist track 7 is mis labeled as by A.M.P. and the title is mistakenly listed as ‘Because the Night’ very strange gremlin actions

listen via soundcloud here
Amp 2022

We are currently working on the mixes for the Album version, the title is Tbc at present, but we will be doing a CD (digipak) edition. which will be released and available via our bandcamp page sometime this autumn, hopefully September time.