Amp Studio ‘Uncertainty Principals’ Lathe Cut 2xLP and CD release date.

Amp Studio ‘Uncertainty Principals’ Lathe Cut 2xLP

Available Now from Ampbase,

As a special Ltd Edition run of 25 Copies.

including original artwork on canvas.

A limited number of signed 2xCD digipak edition are also available.

The CD/Digital release date is the 20th May 2016

CD cover

LP sleeve

LP sleeve

Lathe Cut Edition

Lathe Cut Edition

Here is the Press Release….

After a long hiatus, a new Amp Studio album, the solo project of Richard from AMP.

‘Uncertainty Principles’, as the name suggests is a homage to the beauty that can manifest itself when random or complex processes are allowed to flow in the production and creation of musical or visual works. Serendipity and random or pseudo random events have been integral to the making of this record.

The sleeve artwork has also been created using processes that produce coincidental imagery.

It was an ‘out of the blue’ request for a copy of the track ‘Tiller’ that led to the formation of this album. The act of finding and locating the master for this track, brought Richard to the realisation that there were sounds and tracks in the archive, ‘Tiller’, ‘Slip’, ‘Mistype Dolittle’ and ‘Sleep City Drone’ that deserved re-evaluation and an opportunity for a new lease of life. He set about working on new material, using sounds and field recordings, both new and re-discovered, mixing the new and remixing the once forgotten.

The album traverses terrains of intersections and juxtapositions from the shorelines of ‘Sliptwo’ to the event horizon perceived in ‘Photon Sphere’. Spiral deconstructions and city noise chaos combine to create the expressionist drone of ‘Spinfactors’ and the ‘lofi’ rap of ‘Sleep City Drone’. The combinations of the sound effects of a typewriter, used as percussion, analogue synth sweeps, and washed out distorted drone sonic guitar on ‘Misstype…’ is signature Richard Amp in his Amp Studio guise. We drift though ‘Slip’ almost as an interlude before the full randomality speaks in ‘Mort Irritées’, a homage to ‘music concrete’ and the work of Pierre Henry. ‘Tiller’ concludes CD1 like a blissful balm, steering us outward towards some distant horizon, piano echoes calling the imagination to float free in a minimal sea.

A chance invitation to perform in Bethnal Green, East London resulted in the making of ‘Uncertainly Alive’, a transcript version of the performance, which forms the core of CD2. So we arrive to our destination, a haunting remembrance, like a ‘Proustian’ character lost, but happily so, as it was with a wilful ‘Dérive’ that the situationist found ‘Flashbacks’.


Track listing:

(CD1) 1. Sliptwo 2. Photon Sphere 3. Spinfactors 4. Sleep City Drone 5. Misstype Dolittle
6. Slip 7. Mort Irritées 8. Tiller (CD2) 9. Uncertainly Alive 10. Flashbacks