Amp Studio


Amp Studio is the solo project from Richard Amp, founding member of AMP, the electronic ‘space rock’ shoegaze group that came out of Bristol and London in the early 1990’s. Alongside fellow sonic pioneers, Flying Saucer Attack and The Third Eye Foundation.

Richard started Amp Studio (originally monikered as A.M.P. Studio) from the need to create a counterpoint to his work inside Amp, as an experimentation vehicle for ideas, and a home generally for his creative output that did not fit within the Amp cannon.

Amp Studio has released 4 albums and a smattering of singles/ep’s since 1997.The most recent album ‘Uncertainty Principles’ comes after a 16 year hiatus in releases.

Richard Amp

Record Collector Magazine said it: “Ambient music turned up to 11” in a 4 star review.

Mojo Magazine also gave 4 out of 5 stars said: “Richard Amp’s solo work in the outer reaches of sound, where resonance and atmosphere outweigh melody/structure in a meditative blur that soothes and concentrates the mind”

Album Discography:

Syzygy (Music For Misfits And Malcontents) – Ampart Recordings – 1998

Alien Registration Office – Ochre Records – 2000

Unconscious Country – Fourth Dimension Records – 2000

Uncertainty Principles – Ampbase – 2016

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The Amp Studio – Hilly Studios