New Amp Studio album to be released

This is a collection of new un-released and some previously (re worked) released tracks, that have appeared previously on rare 7″s on the Amberly and Earworm record labels, and a track that was on an Ochre records compilation. The new and re-contextualised tracks form a sublime new experience of cinematic ambient drone and music concrete time shift drift. to be released on Ltd-ed Vinyl/CD/Digital download. Exact release date t.b.a. 

Title: ‘Uncertainty Principles’

Track listing:

1. Sliptwo

2. Photon Sphere

3. Spinfactors

4. Sleep City Drone

5. Misstype Dolittle

6. Slip

7. Mort Irritées

8. Tiller

running time 45min 59 secs