Amp Q Factors (a mixtape) CD - To BE Released on 24th November 2017! / by Richard Amp

Meanwhile the Q Factors CD, exclusively at Ampbase, is on pre sale in advance of the release on the 24th November 2017. Go here!


In advance of the forthcoming new studio album from Amp, which is still in formation. Q Factors (a mixtape) is a taste of what has gone before and what is still to come.

A collection of mixes, in the remix style, this release was first conceived in 2000 and has very slowly evolved, until the start of this year when the final tracks were finished.

Q factors opens with the sonic trip beat chaos engine that is ‘Drowning Mind’ mixed by former collaborator, Marc Challans. 

‘Hownow' calms things down with an atmospheric trip hop vibe, mix by Challans/Amp Studio.

‘Lost Love Cries’, a lost love song by Karine Charff, given an electronica twist by Chris Smith under the moniker of Blaubac. 

Guitar riff grooves return with ‘Loveflower’ given a second airing in this collection in re-mastered form, this track got a digital and limited CDR release on Amp’s ‘Motus’ album back in 2008. Mix by Amp Studio.

Donald Ross Skinner supplies the mix of ‘Just Get it’, an edgy stand off with guitar washes and a lonesome harmonica haunted by Karine’s vocals and tripped up beats.

‘D’espoir de Mourir’ enters as low-fi french minimal techno in a gothic sea of relative calm, mastered from cassette tape, mix by former Amp cohort, Olivier Gauthier, who these days maybe found under the guise of Soul Minority. 

‘Waiting Room Blues’ is a track which escaped inclusion on the ‘US’ album, and has found a home here, a slice of quirky french techno blues. 

‘Push n Hold’  heralds a journey into a storm to the other side of the hope and onwards towards some sense of peace. mix by Amp Studio. 

Following on is the ambient electronica of ‘When & Where’, mix by Yellow6. 

Finally a conclusion in the romantic tradition ‘Ombres sur la Lune’  floats in, a slice of spacey ambience mixed by French act Ladder to Royale, Karine’s haunting vocals drifting us out…

Track listing: 

1. Drowning Mind2. Hownow3. Lost Love Cries4. Loveflower5. Just Get It 6. D’espoir de Mourir7. Waiting Room Blues8. Push n’ Hold9. When & Where10. Ombres sur la Lune

 Photo by Michael Maier

Photo by Michael Maier

 Photo by RFW

Photo by RFW