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Kranky have kindly returned our rights to Astralmoonbeamprojections and Stenorette. You may notice they are not available on streaming services and the like for a few days/weeks while the titles get transferred and delivered by out digital distributor..They are available now from Ampbase.net and our Bandcamp page.

We are now able to contemplate re issuing these two albums on vinyl, which we hope to be able to do in the not too distant future.


Cool review for Entangled Time from Gonzo mag, if You can read Dutch! by Richard Amp


Here is the google translation……

Because someone still dares to call an ambient track drifting in 2018, we hiss preventively between our teeth. But even without a needle in our arm, we fall back a few seconds later. Surrounded by a warm glow of drones electronics, sea sounds and especially the heavenly voice of Karine Charff. The beat-driven Will-0h Dreams is the center of gravity of this album, and may return twice, including an enchanting version of more than sixteen minutes. It becomes clear once again that the roots of this British pair are on the good side of the post-rock sound carpets, when The Third Eye Foundation, Spiritualized, and Flying Saucer Attack belonged to Richard Walker's regular circle of friends. The cement is formed by even more meditative work, where a thin wall of drones is penetrated by voices that are in danger of drowning in their own reverberation. Here and there we hear some noise and crackling, as if Entangled Time 'a dusty attic treasure. Perhaps such a hook is thrown at a very limited 10 inch (thirty copies) that you can already order. (pv)

New Year, New Amp Track! and CDr of Entangled Time out now by Richard Amp

A new Amp track is available digitally now! Its available from all the usual online sources, as well as here at Ampbase…. and available from our Amp bandcamp page……

Entangled Time is available now as a limited edition CDr from the greek label, Sound in Silence

Sound in Silence, Entangled Time page

On Spotify, below….

On Bandcamp below

Entangled Time review in the Jan 19 edition of Electronic Sound magazine


Dark Entries Magazine review of Q factors by Richard Amp

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Dark Entries Magazine (Dutch)

(google translation)

When Richard Walker founded Amp in 1992, nobody would have dared to dream that this collaborative project would still exist a quarter of a century later. Originating from the ashes of the group The Secret Garden from which later also the brilliant Third Eye Foundation (Matt Eliot) and Flying Saucer attack would originate, we hear in this remix CD both the echoes of Walker's past as Amp, but also from prehistory of the project. The voice is as always from the great Karine Charff. Amp can rightly be called 'indie music'. They spend almost everything in their own management or on small labels. However, this did not stop them from building up a big fan base.


This has become a bizarre picture. The original shoegaze / post rock / space rock is very present in the atmosphere, but for the rest we hear a wide variety of genres. Without exception, all remixes are firmly rooted in the 90s. Marc Challans, former member, was allowed to make a psychedelic chaotic trip from Drowning Mind. Hownow gets a trip-hop vibe and Lost Love Cries is allowed by the drum 'n bass blender, or may we say jungle? Yes, would oldschool sound this mix really ...


Loveflower sounds - relatively speaking - something more modern. The song starts as a heavily sunken hip hop album but then suddenly turns into a very beautiful dreampop song that reminds us of Cocteau Twins or Bel Canto. The quick hihats and subtle break beats from Donald Ross Skinner can (fortunately) not break the atmosphere of Just Get it. The combination of fast and slow is a melange that makes you dream away. D'espoir de Mourir fits perfectly here. The dull industrial percussion sounds of Olivier Gauthier, in combination with the undefined choral sounds and the lament in the background make the song an absolute gem. Waiting Room Blues should actually have been on the 2005 album US, but will get a new chance here. It is a concept of freak folk but then applied to the blues genre: freak blues. It is possibly the best number of the record, although the mutual competition is killing.


Push n 'hold (The mistral) is such a great song. Worked in between two soft, quiet parts, the storm suddenly breaks loose. A hectic soup of percussion, bass and deep sunken voice, combined with some bizarre effects make this song a real trip. Yellow6 makes When & Where a very strange illbient record in which the voice sounds utterly displaced.


The album closes completely unexpectedly with a very classic orchestral ambient-glicht mix from Ombres sur la Lune. The vocals are so ghostly, however, that this choice also fits perfectly with the rest of the album.


What this album lacks in innovation, it overcompensates with masses of atmosphere and a small dozen good songs. Apparently the first foundations of this album were laid in 2000. That Amp has nevertheless succeeded in achieving a consistent whole, argues for their expertise. We are already looking forward to the next album.



Peter De Koning


Amp - Q Factors - Music Map review (italy) by Richard Amp

Here is a review of Q factors in Italian from Music Map

A rough translation into English reads:

Awaiting the release of their next album, the AMP project gives the prints an extremely varied and rather complex electronic mixtape where you can feel the many influences of your style and where you can appreciate the versatility that drives the disc to unusual genres, from shades very personal and experimental: it never goes out in the "already heard". The ten content tracks are mixed in very different garments and the result is a fun and enjoyable puzzle.


The "Q Factors" mixtape (just released for AMPbase) opens with a psychedelic ride from the undead beat, "Drowning Mind", and to sacred monsters DJ Shadow and Aphex Twin inserts minimalist elements approachable to Autechre. Laurie Spiegel's interstellar drifts are perceptible in "Just Get It", while Wagon Christ is traceable to the beautiful and strange "Loveflower". There are also moments of less energetic and moving: the sweet waves of "Ombres sur la Lune", a romantic and nostalgic ending, seem to accompany an expedition outside the Solar System, and the refinement with which each sound is cured is superb and surprising. Accurate and refined is also the ability of AMP to move towards more relaxed and relaxed moods, such as in the surrealistic and joyous "Hownow", perfect track of the opening song and clever bridge between it and the next "Lost Love Cries", almost pinkfloydiana in the approach, but totally related to "made in '00s" experiences.


There are so many influences, crosses and visions. The mixtape makes you jump and thrill from so many points of view: one of these is also the ability to cross other worlds. In addition to the interstellar journeys already mentioned, there is the encounter with French low-fi, so evident in "D'Espoir de Mourir", slow, disturbing, almost obscuring when a Gothic voice comes from the outbreak. Everything is temporary and can change in the next minute: "Waiting Room Blues," which follows, is a meeting this time with French techno, whose acidic and elegant shorts permeate the song. It follows "Push 'n' Hold", which gives a sense of eternal and subtle peace, a call to order and to the hope of new age influences. Before the beautiful closing of "Ombres sur la Lune" there is time for an ambient piece, "When & Where", which further demonstrates how AMP is a versatile and fruitful project. For this reason, the mixtape is largely successful. (Samuele Conficoni)

Amp Q Factors (a mixtape) CD - To BE Released on 24th November 2017! by Richard Amp

Meanwhile the Q Factors CD, exclusively at Ampbase, is on pre sale in advance of the release on the 24th November 2017. Go here!


In advance of the forthcoming new studio album from Amp, which is still in formation. Q Factors (a mixtape) is a taste of what has gone before and what is still to come.

A collection of mixes, in the remix style, this release was first conceived in 2000 and has very slowly evolved, until the start of this year when the final tracks were finished.

Q factors opens with the sonic trip beat chaos engine that is ‘Drowning Mind’ mixed by former collaborator, Marc Challans. 

‘Hownow' calms things down with an atmospheric trip hop vibe, mix by Challans/Amp Studio.

‘Lost Love Cries’, a lost love song by Karine Charff, given an electronica twist by Chris Smith under the moniker of Blaubac. 

Guitar riff grooves return with ‘Loveflower’ given a second airing in this collection in re-mastered form, this track got a digital and limited CDR release on Amp’s ‘Motus’ album back in 2008. Mix by Amp Studio.

Donald Ross Skinner supplies the mix of ‘Just Get it’, an edgy stand off with guitar washes and a lonesome harmonica haunted by Karine’s vocals and tripped up beats.

‘D’espoir de Mourir’ enters as low-fi french minimal techno in a gothic sea of relative calm, mastered from cassette tape, mix by former Amp cohort, Olivier Gauthier, who these days maybe found under the guise of Soul Minority. 

‘Waiting Room Blues’ is a track which escaped inclusion on the ‘US’ album, and has found a home here, a slice of quirky french techno blues. 

‘Push n Hold’  heralds a journey into a storm to the other side of the hope and onwards towards some sense of peace. mix by Amp Studio. 

Following on is the ambient electronica of ‘When & Where’, mix by Yellow6. 

Finally a conclusion in the romantic tradition ‘Ombres sur la Lune’  floats in, a slice of spacey ambience mixed by French act Ladder to Royale, Karine’s haunting vocals drifting us out…

Track listing: 

1. Drowning Mind2. Hownow3. Lost Love Cries4. Loveflower5. Just Get It 6. D’espoir de Mourir7. Waiting Room Blues8. Push n’ Hold9. When & Where10. Ombres sur la Lune

Photo by Michael Maier

Photo by Michael Maier

Photo by RFW

Photo by RFW

Amp - 'Switched on and Live' album released - Q factors tracks posted on Soundcloud by Richard Amp

Sound in Silence label version

Sound in Silence label version

Available from the Sound in Silence label as a limited edition cdr of 200 in a well crafted
 art card sleeve....on bandcamp here

Ampbase also has a few copies of this version of this release available

Switched On And Live is an impressive collection of live recordings covering different periods of Amp history, from mid-90s to mid-00s. Starting from the full band line up of 1995 including Charff, Walker, Elliott and Jones, to live shows performed by the duo of Charff and Walker during 1998-1999 and finally to a 2003 full band performance by Charff, Walker, Skinner and Challans.
The recordings have been restored and mastered by Richard Amp to bring the Amp live experience to life. A majestic combination of distorted guitar washes, atmospheric drones, hypnotic bass, haunting vocals, layers of keyboard echoes, gently reverberating beats and glitchy effects and samples, Switched On And Live shows off not only the band’s vast array of influences, ranging from shoegaze, ambient and post-rock to trip-hop and electronica, but also their ability to stitch them together in such a wonderful manner.

This is a limited edition of 200 handmade and hand-numbered collectible copies. It is packaged in a lovely hand-stamped 127mm x 127mm 260 gsm azure cardboard envelope with the front cover image printed on a polaroid style photo paper and an insert sheet containing tracklist and information printed on a 190 gsm blue-grey cardboard. It also comes bundled with a download code coupon and a Sound In Silence card.

Here is a link to a review from beachsloth.com

Switched on and Live - Ampbase version

Switched on and Live - Ampbase version

Ampbase also has a version of this release, it is the same except with different artwork, as seen above....It is available digitally from all good sources and also from us here

We have also made a very Ltd CDR edition of 10 copies, signed and numbered, using archival giclee card and HHB archive cdr's these will ship with a free copy of the Sound in Silence version of the record. Available from Ampbase here

Amp - Q Factors (a mixtape)

provisional cover

provisional cover

The Q factors album is nearly finished, we just need to finish off the mix of 'Ombres Sur La Lune', make some final decisions and record Karine's vocals....

We have posted tracks on to our soundcloud page here

if you join our mailing list, you can go to our members area and listen to a further 5 tracks from the album.....

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