If you would like to contact us about AMPBASE please email: info@ampbase.net.

and we will endeavour to reply as soon as we can.....

Please do not email music tracks or large attachment files,

if you are interested for us to hear your music, please just email links to where we may listen,

ie Soundcloud etc and we will endeavour to have a listen and give feedback, where and when we can.

Many Thanks

For contacting Amp email: amp@ampbase.net

For Amp Studio/Richard Amp email: studio@ampbase.net

For studio enquires please email: hillystudios@hillystudios.com

For Ampbase shop enquires please email: mailorder@ampbase.net

For Artwork/Design enquires please email: artwork@fouldswalker-design.com

For Fine Art/Photography enquires please email: rfw@fouldswalker-art.com