Amp ~ Outposts MP3 album


Amp ~ Outposts MP3 album


MP3 320Kbps version. cat No AMP009 Recorded at Hilly Studios Summer/Autumn 2011

Tracklisting: Vela, Dust Tail, Caravan To Alderbran, U Form, Interstate, Sense, C Enigma, Antisense, Fornax, Solaris Wake(waiting for Rheya)

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written and performed by Richard Amp and Donald Ross Skinner with plenty of stargazing for inspiration along the way,

This is collection of soundtracks to both real and imaginary films......

published by Van Steene Music/Kobalt

[ Outpost ] on the other hand is more ambient than some of their other albums. Karine doesn’t appear on this album at all but it’s yet another EXQUISITE LISTEN.

below is a low resolution clip from an art movie called
'Interstate 5' about the eponymous highway and the human marks
on the environment that this urban artery creates.
the film is produced by Matthew Akehurst, cinematography by Michael Maier, sound and editor Jason Howes,

Soundtrack by Amp, the track on this clip was especially written for the film, and is entitled interstate.