Amp - 'US' CD


Amp - 'US' CD


Amp US album with a beautiful deluxe 6 panel digipak sleeve and 8 panel foldout booklet.

originally released by Very Friendly records in 2005. Limited edition.

(includes a download code for MP3 and WAV versions of the release)


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The Press release circa 2005:

US is the latest release by the UK’s foremost sonic subversives. Clearly not just for old friends, these 10 songs hold their broadest appeal to date. Of course Amp are as fiercely experimental as ever, collaging eccentric drums, pumping bass and twisted guitar textures with voices and street sounds collected during a recent sojourn in the States. But there is a new intensity here, both emotionally and politically.

Ambiguously titled, US tackles both personal relationships and their relationship with America. This is AMP at their most tender and angry, passionate and poignant.

Don’t be scared by the dense nocturnal cityscape of “Opening”: Listen on, there are many delights both dark and sweet in store.

“Get Here” is a rush of pure Post-Punk adrenaline, singer Karine Charff’s voice sensually nonchalant and teasing in sharp contrast to the political rage of the words she’s delivering.

“Implosion” tugs at heartstrings with its theme of fragility in love and life. Dreamy but never saccharin, the prettiness of its acoustic guitars and hypnotic washes of Farfisa organ never quite dispels the underlying sense of menace.

“Yousay” builds from jagged fragments of guitar to a song-monster possessing the epic scope of Prog but with the pomposity gene removed.

There isn’t a lazy moment here. Extremes are juxtaposed – from the calm- before-the-storm reverie of “Will You, I’m Lost” to the sassy sax and driven punk- jazz of “Endgame”. Multi-textured and multi-layered, US has taken AMP to new heights both of accessibility and abstraction.

This album features alongside Richard Walker (aka Richard Amp) and Karine Charff:
Marc Challans (Fraud), Ray Dickaty (ex. Spiritualized), Donald Ross Skinner (Julian Cope/Kiosk).


Track Listing:

1. Opening 2. Get here 3. Implosion 4. Yousay 5. Lopsided
6. Think don’t think 7. Level devil 8. Will you I’m lost 9. Endgame X. Iconisis.