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here is Amp's manifesto or Raison d’être



Since starting his musical explorations after hearing a BBC sound effects recordaround 1977. Richard Amp has always insisted in representing ‘the sound’ in field recordings and the ‘accidental’ or natural occurrences with the same respect and force as the notion of the riff or melody.

His mission has been to make ways for the song and the sound of sound to be joined in a harmony where each are equal and respected as such.

The music of Amp is and always has been the endeavour to create sonic spaces where ‘pure sound’ is as expressive in the emotion of a tune as the lyric or melody. Amp has from the beginning, set out to defy conventions, breaking rules and genres, hence the ‘Transeuropean Esoterrorists’ being by definition mavericks and outsiders, existentialists in thought, radicals by inclination, ahead in the game by refusing to play it in the first place.

Amp is the product of this genre defying journey into the space where noise and melody meet, where raw sound is as valued as the melodic motif.

Randomness and Serendipity had always played an important part in the work of Amp, it is by the use of aleatoric processes that music and sound can breathe together and become alive, It is in this juxtaposition of the composed and the improvised and where true magic happens.

An Amp tune is never fixed in stone, it is an expression of a ‘Now’, a point in the time and space continuum. There is always improvisation involved and there by freedom created. The search for freedom, musical, or political or mystical is at the core of what Amp his and has been about, if music should try to be anything it should be to encourage freedom and inspire listeners to be creative in their lives themselves.

Live, Amp never repeats itself, all the concerts are unique events, all happenings during performance, mistakes and events, have validity. Every performance ofa song or tune is a fresh version of that tune. In recording practice Amp never aim to tread the same ground that Amp has been through before. Amp believes in never sampling other artists work, only in sampling themselves and recording and sampling ‘material’ sounds (i.e wind, rain, broken glass) for use in their music.

To conclude, for Amp, atmosphere is the corner stone to the world of imagination as such. Amp strives to conjure up a space in the listener where imagination is triggered and meaning and mystery meet.